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Our Vision

YRP aims to be an instrument of financial inclusion, for the bottom of the pyramid people of India, leveraging cutting-edge wireless and mobile payment technologies, in an IT enabled network environment.

To be a market leader in providing efficient Recharge service to customers.

Seek to deliver next generation services to consumers, Rural and Urban, by offering a compelling business opportunity for entrepreneurs across all segments. It will especially empower rural entrepreneurs to broaden their villages’ access to markets, thereby increasing the affordability, accessibility and variety of products available to Rural Communities using accessible cost effective technology.

Be a Market Leader in providing Mobile commerce applications in Mobility, Entertainment and Education.

Develop Cost Effective Applications to enable access to a wide canvas of services , Adult education, Information access to the masses focusing on economically weaker sections especially in the rural areas.

Touching lives through Innovative technologies and Alliances at the bottom of the customer pyramid, for delivering an array of business and recharge services through a cost efficient platform comprising Mobile and Web delivery.

Our Mission

To set-up a Nationwide seamlessly network environment of connectivity, for mobile linked people and retail, to facilitate mobile transactions and payments within the convenient reach of people in their neighbourhood.

To Develop and Harness Technology to enable more efficient service delivery in the Mobile, DTH and Bill Payments platform.

To Enable Facilitate through the convergence of technologies for our basic recharge business with value added services to a host of providers, Direct to Home, Utility Providers, Retail Chains.

To Develop Special Applications suited for Remote Customers in Rural and Semi Rural locations where traditional service delivery is inefficient due to lack of infrastructure

YRP supports small entrepreneurs and businessmen to become channel partners either as a Retail Outlet (RO), a Channel Partners (Distributor & API), if the individual has a good network in the market.

As YRP’s channel partner, you can dispense services like Mobile recharge, Bill Payments, DTH/TV recharge etc. Retail Outlets can use their trading balance or wallet balance to dispense these services to their customers. Apart from recharges and bill payments you can also help your customers.